Maggan is the only girl who drives Superkart in Sweden. She has been a part of Team Sleipner Superkart since 2008.


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Race with me at the Swedish championship!

At race 2 on Ring Knutstorp I had an onboard-camera on my wing, just click on the play sign or check under "Gallery" to find the video from the race. Take the chance to get the feeling from inside the car!

Wednesday, June 15, 2009


Ring Knutstorp

Maggan 5th in the championship after the premiere!

A 10th and a 8th place was the results of the premiere at Ring Knutstorp.
- A really good start to the championship, not perfect, but I know that
I have good speed and that I can keep up well with the guys.
The sun was shining over Skåne and lots of people had gathered to see
the STCC-circus on Ring Knutstorp.
Time qualification was blockes by a great deal of time behind the
saftycar and then I had problem with my transponder, when I finally got
a few good laps I gave all I could but my choice to go out on used tires was obviously a wrong choice. I hade to be satisfyed with a 13th place of the 21 drivers.
In race one I got away well from the start, took a couple of positions
and raced in the pack. But a one big and serveral smaller fumbles and
breaking-problems I had to hunt all the time but without much success,
10th place in goal was nothing I was especially pleased with.

Saturday's race went much better. We had now adjusted some settings on
the cart and now the driving feelt much better.
It was a really fun race with crashes and fumbles to all sides. I
succeeded, however, to avoid these trouble and went in the pack, really fun
racing with reversals and frequent duels. I trick my three preceding
competitors after a bet on the straight but lost one of them again on
the last lap when I on very hot tires slipped off a half a second. With
the preceding car just centimes above the nose at me and the car behind
in the wing as I crossed the finishline on 8th place, this time really

A good start of the championship, the time in the last race was nice
and I know I can find the right speed. Completely satisfied, I am not, I
want more! But a look at the standing after the weekend shows that im
totally on 5:th place in the championship - that is really good.

Next race is on my favoritetrack, Kinnekulle Ring.
Winner of the weekend's two races were reigning champion Thomas

Sunday, June 27, 2009


Take a ride on Autodrom Most!

Thanks to our new on-board camera, everyone gets a chance to go with Maggan in a race on Autodrom Most. Click on the gallery to see the movie from the race two. We will update with new movies during the entire season.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Most News

Most gave tast of more!

This year's race-premiere at Most in the Czech Republic became a wonderful experience. Results-wise, we take with us saturday's fighting race, good starter and a wonderful singing engine. We are also delighted that sunday's race not ended with a big crash.

After 13 hours in the truck and 7 on the ferry arrived Teams Sleipner with Maggan, Patrik, Lennart and Tomas to Most. We missed the training and after some small problems in the first qualification I only made it 4 laps, way to little time on the new track to get a good time. Qualification two were run on a wet track, we took a chance and choose slicks but although there appeared to be the right choice, there was no opportunity to put some good time on the wet track, especially not with the brakeproblems that we have. The times from the dry qualification were faster for all but me, I had to start from the last startled, not a good start to the weekend.

Best Swede in race one! Most News
At race one race the track was dry and I got a great start and picked a couple of positions right away. There followed an extremely fun race with fight all the way into the goal, and in particular with me swedish colleague Magnus Jonasson that I passed for the last time in the last laps last corner. I finished at a 14th (of 26), with was the best Swedish result. With good execution, wonderful response in the machine and clean the clock settings in the yard, I cut 11 seconds from my qualificationstime!

Problems in race two
A new good start in race but soon I lost my pack in front and the kart became increasingly difficult to drive. The longer the race went, the vibrations in the chassi became worse. Two laps from goal, onespark plug stopped function and I broke the race. It turned out that the vibartions was caused by the right subframe that had totally detached. From the movie (that the camera who was put on the kart catched) we later saw that this had happend already on the second lap. This damage could of course had caused a big crash at high speed and we thank the good fortune that this did not happend and we are quite surprised that I could drive the kart for so long with this damages.

Swedish championship next!
A fun and instructive start out in Europe with a professional organizer and a track with qualities far above many of the Swedish. About the results I am half happy, glad about the good starts, but I want to go faster and I need to work on my switches. The engine will now be reconditioned before we tackle the next challenge - the Swedish championship!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ready for Race!

Garage DaysThe premiere of ESS on Autodrom Most is only a few days away. Therefore the team was gathered in Västerås for a day at the garage. Wheelbearing, brakes and muffler were checked, and some other minor adjustments also were made during the day. Now the superkart is in top form for the race next weekend at the Most!




Sunday, May 10, 2009


Tough week - but good news!

kneeOn Tuesday i carried out the planned artroskopi (keyhole surgery). This after an injury that stopped me from playin floorball and other hefty workout throughout the winter. The doctor found no meniscus damage as first thought, but an unusual form of a connective tissue which has itself as a band under the knee. Very likely this is that, together with inflammation, caused my problems. Now that this is resolved is great hope that I soon will be able to be back in a more active workout! A couple of weeks of rest from training should be-but not from racing. The competition for Most are not threatened, but can be implemented as planned. Rest, rehab and racing na di will be tip-top again!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


The season is running!

The seasin i running!Team Sleipner visit this weekend a sunny Kinnekulle Ring to kickstart the season 2009. Four training sessions were carried out during the day and everything worked very well. It was awesome fun to feel the speed again! The chassi felt solid on the track and the engine responded as desired, and went smoothly throughout the day. Decent times performed even though I droves whit hardly no brakes on the front wheels. My injured knee did not effect me at all, that is really great to know!
After the testday my superkart went home with mechanic Thomas Westerlund were the engine will receive a renovation and chassis review. Everything for the superkart to be in topform before the premiere at Most!
To day, I have (as usual at the beginning of the season) a tremendous stiff neck and forearms, but I am cruelly satisfied with the weekend and psyched for the coming contest!

Pictures from the training are now available in the gallery

Sunday, April 18, 2009


Race week at last!

Vår mekAt last race week again after months of waiting and longing! Only five days to go before it's time for the season's first test. During the Easter the superkart got an overview. Some small things were screened back home in Töreboda. Now its the countdown while the last planning should be done during the week. The superkart-class will have their training sessions together with the Norwegian-class "Shortcar" on "Kinnekulle Ring" on Saturday. I look forward to the weekend and hope that the superkart are going well all day so that we get as much driving as possible. I hope to quickly find the speed and that my injured knee should not hinder me in the journey. Five days left, time for the countdown!

Monday, April 13, 2009


More fun in four wheels

A four hours stockcarrace, yes that was this weekend's major activity. Vimmerby stood as the organizer of this somewhat odd stockcarrace. My team "Team Gott & Blandat" consisted of my club-mate in Fägre MK, Klabbe Fredén, Mariestad MS Ingrid Rosengren and Skövde MK:s Rikard Karlsson. The same Saab as we drove in Jönköping took us totally 215 laps during the four hours.
A 13th place among 23 cars was our results which feels all right after some problems with the car and a black flag fore me (timepenelty for hard driving). Out in the track it felt really good, a total of 60 minutes effective and wonderful driving for me. Team Krall won the race at 269 laps.

Endurance in Vimmerby
Photos from the contest are available on

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Maggans new season planning - premiere on Most!

The plans for season 2009 have been adjusted for Team Sleipner super kart. Maggan will pass the European Championships but instead focus on two races in the popular German - European super kart series. The series has been tied to many topdrivers and expects around 60 carts on the startline.

Maggan plans to open the season at Most in the Czech Republic 15-17 May. The end of the season is planned to be at Assen in Holland in September.
In between, it will be full commitment to the Swedish championship with visits to Knutstorp, Kinnekulle Ring and Gotland Ring.

The strained economy in the world makes tough situation for all of us out there living our dream, thanks to sponsors. So even for me. This is one reason why the EM elected away. But above all, I take this decision because of the great interest shown for the European super-kart series.

Within the next few months, I hope that the budget should be in port!
See the new season planning under Races.
 More information on European super-kart series is available at

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Maggan & SantaOnly a couple of days remains of the year 2008 and we can look back at a great superkart-year. Team Sleipner superkart became reality during the year when Team Hagman racing got connect to our friens Littorin and Westerlund.
A Swedish championship was arranged and went by with a new participant-record at the startline. We offered the STCC-audience great and brutal racing and we had a wonderful time at the track.

For me it was a season that I went in to with a new kart and a new team and the results came fast. I have been driven more this season than ever before and my 7:e place at Kinnekulle Ring among 24 superkartdriver was the seasons climax. My personal goal - top 10 in the championship - became an 11:e place but that was totally accepteble and actually really good considering the hard competition. Thanks to my friends in the team I have been given the opportunity to really develop my racing so very much, and at the same time we had great fun season together.

I would like to direct a big thanks to my team and one just as big to my sponsors who makes it possible fore me to race. Thanks for beliving in me!

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Winterfun at the stockcar-track!

It was 4 yares ago, but this weekend i was back at the folkrace (stockcar)-track. In a old Saab 99 I raced in the mixrace "Luciaracet" in Jönköping togehter with my friend and former mechanic Rikard Karlsson. It was a lot of snow and real cold outside, just as a winterrace should be. The track was pure ice and really hard to master. No final for us but we had a great dela of fun! Nice to be at a track again!


Se photos from the race at

Monday, December 15, 2008


Preliminary calendar for the SSC

The preliminary calendar for the Swedish Superkart Championship are now introduced and we can se that the championship will start pretty late at Ring Knutstorp 26-27 june. The second race will be at Kinnekulle Ring 23-26 juli and the final will take place at new Gotlands Ring 21-23 aug.

For me the work is right now consentrated on getting the budget for 2009 ready. Theres still plenty of room on the superkart so call me if your company wants to bee seen whit a girl that stands out!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Maggan hopes to start the season at Magny Cours

Could the season 2009 start at a better place then classic Magny Cours in France? Magny Cours
I don´t think so! Right now we are working hard to be able to be at the startline in 2009 European championship - thats the plan and we will get there! The finance-crise aren´t really helping in the hunt for sponsors but we keep on working. Me - Maggan- is right know walking around with crutches after a sport-injury that resulted in a damaged knee - but I hope to be fixed soon and in good shape for the race-season.

17/18/19 April - Magny Cours (France)
05/06/07 June - Most (Cz)
07/08/09 August - Assen (Holland)

Monday, December 08, 2008


Coaching at the local gocart-track in Motala!Maggan coaching

The winter is here and its mostly physique training thats on the calender right know. But now and then small race-oppertunites comes along. This friday I was guest at the local gokart-track in an "all-girls-night". Just girls and a lot of racing. I was there to coach the girls and hopefully give some inspiration, it was a really great night!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Scholarship from the motorclub!

My motorclub - Fägre Motorklubb - arranged the last race for the season at our local folkrace (stockcar)-track and in relation to the race the association handed out scholarship for good results during 2008. I was one of to very happy and grateful receivers. The other one was my best friend and former competitor, Emma Fredén, that races folkrace (stockcar) with great success.

ScholarshipI´ve been racing fore the same club my whole racing-career and are very proud to get this scholarship.

Thuesday, September 09, 2008